Blood Pathology

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Blood Pathology
1 Anemias
1.1 Deficiency in RBC and/or Haemoglobin
1.2 Causes
1.2.1 Impaired production From stem cells Renal failure (Erythropoietin failure,) Endocrine disorders Maturation of Erythroblasts Lack of B12 or Folic Acid Fe deficiency
1.2.2 Increased distruction Intrinsic- Hereditry genetic disorders Extrinsic- Antibody mediated Mechanical trauma to RBC
1.2.3 Blood Loss
1.2.4 Fluid overload Excessive Na+ intake/Fluid intake Pregnancy
1.3 Microcytic (small cell)
1.3.1 Heme synthesis defect Iron deficiency anemia Globin synthesis defect Thalassemia Siderblast anemia Bone marrow produces ringed siderblast instead of nice RBCs lead poisoning
1.4 Macrocytic
1.4.1 Megablastic Anemia Vit B12 and/or Folic acid deficiency Pernicious anemia- Lack of Intrinsic factor for B12 absorbtion After stomach bypass surgery Hypothyroidisim Alcoholisim
1.5 Normocytic
1.5.1 Loss of RBC's no size problem Blood loss Aplastic Anemia ( bone marrow failure)
1.6 Dimorphic
1.6.1 2 types of RBC usually found after transfusion
2 RBC production
2.1 Stimulated by reduced O2
2.1.1 Made in the marrow of long bones Ribs, pelvis, sternum as adults Final stage of maturation occurs in the blood Vit B12 and folic acid needed for maturation untill the age of 25
2.1.2 Which is detected in the kidneys which produces erythropoietin
3 Leukemias
3.1 Cancer of the blood or bone marrow
3.2 Acute
3.2.1 Rapid increase of blood cells Overcrowding of these cells clogs up bone marrow Unable to produce good blood cell quickly become malignant, over flow to blood stream common in children
3.3 Cronic
3.3.1 Build up of almost mature but deformed WBC These cells produce faster than normal WBC's but it is still a slow developing cancer Found in older people but can happen at any age
3.4 Lymphoblastic (Lymphocytic leukemia)
3.4.1 From certain type of bone marrow cell that forms Lymphocytes Usually -B cell
3.5 Myeloid (Myelogenous luekemias)
3.5.1 bone marrow cell that goes on to produce RBC's, some WBC's and plateletes
3.6 Combinations of Acute, cronic, lympholastic and myeloid result in other leukemias

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