First War of Independance

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First War of Independance
1 Causes
1.1 political
1.1.1 doctrine of lapse
1.1.2 discourtesy to bahadur shah
1.1.3 annexation of awadh
1.1.4 unpopular administration
1.1.5 vague rumours
1.2 social & religious
1.2.1 mass conversion
1.2.2 laws interfering ppl custom
1.2.3 railways telegraphs
1.2.4 indignities hurled @ indians
1.2.5 fears regarding English edu
1.3 economic
1.3.1 ruin of trade n handicrafts
1.3.2 impoverishment of cultivators
1.3.3 big famines
1.3.4 inhuman treatment of indigo cultivators
1.3.5 india an agriculture colony of british
1.3.6 loss of livelihood
1.3.7 annexation of rent free lands
1.4 military
1.4.1 low salary n promotion
1.4.2 faulty distribution of troops
1.4.3 large no. of unemployed soldiers
1.4.4 disproportion in the army
1.4.5 discontent in the Bengal army
1.4.6 loss of prestige in afghan war
1.4.7 General Service Enlistment Act
1.4.8 intro. Enfield rifle
2 Consequences
2.1 end of company rule
2.2 policy towards Indian princes n chiefs
2.3 reorganization of the army
2.4 solemn promises made to ppl
2.5 policy of divide n rule
2.6 economic exploitation of india
2.7 rise of nationalism in india
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