How Henry came to rule the Angevin Empire

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How Henry came to rule the Angevin Empire
1 At 21 Henry became King of England. After Henry invaded and landed in England in Jan 1153, Stephen had lost his heir, Eustace, as he had died unexpectedly. In August Stephen came to terms with Henry naming him his heir. Only a few months later Stephen died.
2 At Age 18 Henry succeeded his father as Count of Anjou after his death
3 Henry gained Aquitaine at 19
4 Despite disputes, Louis VII of France in 1154 recognised Henry as Count of Anjou, Duke or Normandy, and Duke of Aquitaine
5 At age 16, Henry became Duke or Normandy. His father had systematically conqusted Normandy by 1144. Geoffrey then made Henry Duke of Normandy in 1150
6 The lands
6.1 Anjou was important to Henry, a vital cenre through which communications between Henry's Northern and Southern lands must pass.
6.1.1 Anjou had common borders with all of Henry's continental lands
6.2 Both Henry and Richard spent vast amounts of time absent from their lands. The Angevins therefore had effective separate administrations that handled government issues in the King's absence.
6.3 Expansion after 1154
6.3.1 Henry was able to use the lands acquired in 1154 to gain more during his reign. Brittany, disputed lands between Anjou and Champagne, Norman Vexin (on the border between Normandy and France), Ireland, Scotland and Wales His dominance depended on personal qualities rather than luck or inheritance
7 Henry became known as England's greatest medieval king
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