Key Approaches, The Humanistic Approach

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Key Approaches, The Humanistic Approach
1 Assumptions
1.1 View humans as a whole
1.2 Humans are unique and should be viewed as such
1.3 Humans have free will
1.3.1 Unlike behaviourist approach, deterministic
1.4 Humans strive to achieve self actualisation
2 Person centred therapy
2.1 The client speaks the most and the therapist listens and reflects on the clients thoughts and feelings. The client has free will to decide changes
3 the three "selves"
3.1 Self concept
3.1.1 The way a person sees themselves
3.2 Ideal self
3.2.1 The person we'd like to be
3.3 Real Self
3.3.1 The person we actually are
3.4 Rogers thought of this
4 Rogers
4.1 unconditional positive regard allows you to reach self actualization
5 Maslow's hierarchy of needs
5.1 Physiological (sex,food,sleep)
5.1.1 Safety (our home environment) Love/Belonging (affection) Esteem (respect) Self actualization
6 Strengths and limitations
6.1 Strengths
6.1.1 Views people as active agents
6.1.2 Promotes the idea of personal responsibility
6.1.3 The subjective experience of a person is of value and importance
6.1.4 Person centred therapy is still used today
6.2 Limitations
6.2.1 Hard to falsify, unscientific
6.2.2 In rejecting the scientific method the theories lack emperical evidence
6.2.3 Over emphisis on personal ability to change
6.2.4 Individual emotions and conciousness are hard to study objectivly

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