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8-minute lesson plan

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Lesson Plan
1 Compound and Complex Sentences
1.1 Compound
1.2 Complex
2 Rationale
2.1 Previously identified that students were less confident in this area
2.2 Offer examples to help students understand
3 Evaluation
4 Lesson Structure
4.1 Aim
4.1.1 For students to be able to identify what complex and compound sentences are and construct their own
4.2 Intro
4.2.1 We have seen these before, particularly in the diagnostics tests Going to identify the key features of these sentences
4.3 Input
4.3.1 1 Compound explanation
4.3.2 2 Complex explanation
4.4 Outcome
4.4.1 1 Compound activity
4.4.2 2 Complex activity
4.5 Assessment
4.5.1 Have students read out their own examples
4.5.2 Check their learning by asking students to identify the sentences
4.6 Conclude
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