Vaccination - History

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Vaccination - History
1 Louis Pasteur
1.1 1857 - Employed to find the explanation for the souring of sugar beet used in alcohol industry.
1.2 He blamed germs.
1.2.1 He proved they were in the air by sterilising some water and keeping it in two flasks. One was closed and stayed sterile. The other bred micro-organisms.
1.3 Chicken Cholera Vaccine
1.3.1 He heard about Koch's good work and came out of retirement in 1877. This caused many other scientists to join the new field of bacteriology. Both he and Koch worked with large teams in the France/Germany competition for national prestige. Charles Chamberland was in Pasteur's team. He was told to inject chickens with chicken cholera but he forgot as he went on holiday. He left the cholera culter on his desk and injected it into the chickens when he returned. They survived and they tried again and they survived again. They realised that it was because it was weakened by being left and it made the chicken's immune like Jenner's cowpox had. Rabies Rabbit spines dried and tested on a dying boy. He lived. Found cure for anthrax in sheep. 1881 - Demonstrated in public.
2 Science
2.1 18th Century - Micro-organisms had been seen through microscopes
2.1.1 Scientists thought they were caused by disease. Spontaneous Generation They thought that it was a random thing or that it came from gases in the air called miasmas
3 Robert Koch
3.1 Linked diseases to the microbe that caused them.
3.2 He developed a solid medium to frow cultures and practise dye techniques in to colour microbes.
3.3 He experimented on his daughter's mice.
3.4 1875 - Identified anthrax spores and the bacteria that causes septicaemia, tuberculosis - 1882 and cholera - 1883.
4 Edwin Kleb
4.1 Diphtheria Germs
4.2 Others proved an antitoxin could cancel out toxinx produced by germs.
4.2.1 Reduce effects.

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