Queen, Government &Religion

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Queen, Government &Religion
1 1.4 The problem of Mary, Queen of Scots
2 1.1 The situation on Elizabeth's accession
2.1 Elizabethan Government
2.1.1 Court A body of people who lived in the same palace as the monarch. Mostly made up of members of the nobility. Their job was to: entertain and advise the monarch and to show wealth and power to the public
2.1.2 Privy Council Made up of leading courtiers and advisers, in addition to the nobles and senior government officials Met up at least 3 times a week for meetings, which included the monarch They debated current issues and advised the monarch, ensured all her decisions were carried out and oversaw law & order within the local government.
2.1.3 Parliament Included the House of Lords, and the House of commons Elections were held before each new parliament, but only very few could vote
2.1.4 Lords & Lieutenants They were members of the nobility & helped maintain the monarch's power. Oversaw the enforcement of policies
2.1.5 Justices of Peace (JPs) Landowners that kept law and orders within their local areas. Part of the local gov.
2.1.6 The Secretary of State The monarch's closet advisor Sir William Cecil held the position until 1573
2.2 Elizabethan Society
2.2.1 The Elizabethan society was made up of: the Nobility, the Gentry, Yeomen, Tenant Farmers, Landless or labouring poor and vagrants, homeless
2.3 Legitimacy
2.3.1 The Pope disapproved King Henry VII's (her father) divorce from Catherine of Aragon. He created his own church, now known as Church of England, and the proceed to grant himself permission to divorce his ex wife in order to marry Anne Boleyn (her mother). This is how Protestantism came about. The Pope and all Catholics refused to acknowledege the divorce, so when Elizabeth was born, techinically in wedlock, many people saw her as illegimate. After Anne Boleyn's execution Henry VII declared Elizabeth as illegitimate. This was a problem for Elizabeth on her accession to the throne.
2.4 Gender & Marriage
2.4.1 In the era of her reign women were not considered to be physcially or emotionally capable of ruling a country. Her half sister, Mary I, left a bad reputation for female monarchs Mary I, was known as bloody Mary due to the large amount of people she had executed during her reign.
2.5 Character & Strength
2.5.1 She was very intelligent Had a very short temper
3 1.3 Challenge to the religious settlement
4 1.2 The 'settlement' of religion
4.1 The English Reformation began in Europe in 1532, when King Henry VII created the Church of England
4.2 Religious Divisions in England
4.2.1 Protestantism Believed that the bible should be translated into their own language, making it easier for them to engage with their religion. Extreme Protestants (Puritans) wanted their whole religion to be based solely on what was inside the bible.
4.2.2 Catholicism
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