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  1. What is love
    1. Key concepts
      1. Agape: Unconditional love
        1. Philia: Love in the sense of loving family and friends
          1. Storge: Warm affection and linking something
            1. Eros: Sexual affections
            2. Religious Teachings
              1. In the new testament, Jesus uses the word agape. This type of love is the basis of the christian religion
              2. Other Perspectives
                1. The word Love in our society is used in many different ways, i.e: love of their family, love of their friends, love of their country
              3. Commitment and Responsibilities
                1. Religious Teachings
                  1. Christian: A commitment that christian`s have is to read the bible every day. A committed christian would want to find out more about God`s relationship with humankind and the bible helps them with this
                    1. Jews: When young Jews take on the responsibility of living as part of the Jewish faith, they have to make a public statement, Bar Mitszvah for boys and a Bat Mitzvah for girls.
                    2. Other Perspectives
                      1. There are many responsibilities in our society, these include jobs and taking care of children.
                      2. Key Concepts
                        1. Commitment: A sense of dedication and obligation to someone or something
                      3. Contraception
                        1. Religious Teachings
                          1. Christianity: Roman Catholics oppose all artificial methods of contraception yet the rhythm method is fine.
                            1. Judaism: Contraception is accepted with a few exceptions like any barrier method like condoms
                              1. Sikhism: Sikhs do not oppose any forms of birth control
                              2. Other Perspectives
                                1. People generally use contraception as they do not want to start a family or they are unable to financially support more children
                              3. Promiscuity, adultery, cohabitation
                                1. Key Concepts
                                  1. Promiscuity: This is when people have casual sexual relationships, sometimes before marriage and sometimes during.
                                    1. Adultery: This is when a married man or woman has a sexual relationship with someone other than their partner
                                      1. Cohabitation: This is when a couple lives together before marriage. The term also implies there is a sexual relationship
                                        1. Chastity: This means not having sex before marraige
                                        2. Religious Teachings
                                          1. Adultery is not accepted by any religion
                                            1. Christian, Jews and Sikhs believe all these life choices are wrong.
                                          2. Marriage and divorce
                                            1. Religious Teaching
                                              1. In religion, marriage is the binding of a couple in love. All religions allow marriage. However all religions don`t take divorce lightly, in Judaism and Sikhism divorce is only to be used as a last resort.
                                              2. Remarriage
                                                1. Same Sex Relationships
                                                  1. Religious Teachings
                                                    1. In Sikhism, Homosexuality is not acceptable as it is against the code of conduct. However there is nothing about same sex marriage in the Guru Granath Sahib
                                                      1. Homosexual relationships are forbidden by Islam due to strict rules that talk about only intercourse between husband and wife.
                                                    2. Religious Teachings
                                                      1. For Christians remarriage is a controversial issue, some roman catholic would allow a remarriage to take place at a place of worship yet some would not. This is due to the fact that the vowels have been broken.
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