Political Divisions in Ireland

Clodagh Leahy
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The political divisions in Ireland during the late 19th century; unionists, nationalists and their individual goals.

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Political Divisions in Ireland
  1. Unionists
    1. Mainly Protestant
      1. Northeast of Ireland
        1. Identified as British
          1. Wanted all of Ireland to stay part of Britain
            1. Ancestors from Plantations
            2. Nationalists
              1. Extreme Nationalists
                1. Wanted full independence from Britain
                  1. Physical force
                    1. Separatism
                      1. Irish Republican Brotherhood
                      2. Moderate Nationalists
                        1. Wanted an Irish parliament
                          1. Democratic, peaceful methods
                            1. "Home-Rulers"
                              1. Wanted to remain part of the British Empire
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