Monotheistic Religions

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Monotheistic Religion

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Monotheistic Religions
1 Judaism


  • Jew only believe in one god.
1.1 Abraham
1.1.1 The father of the Jewish people
1.1.2 introduced Judaism to the Hebrews
1.2 Moses
1.2.1 The greatest leader of the Hebrews
1.2.2 Have gave Judaism fundamental laws
1.3 David
1.3.1 A king
1.3.2 Built Jerusalem as a holy city and the capital of Israel
1.4 Solomon
1.4.1 David's son
1.4.2 Built Jerusalem's first great temple
1.5 Talmud
1.5.1 explain the teachings of Judaism
1.6 the State of Israel
1.6.1 a new Jewish nation was created
1.7 Torah
1.7.1 Judaism’s most sacred text, consisting of the first five books of the Hebrew Bible
1.8 Jerusalem
1.8.1 a holy city and the capital of Israel
2 Christianity
2.1 Judea
2.1.1 Under Roman rule in 63 B.C.E.
2.2 Messiah
2.2.1 God send a savior to restore the glorious kingdom of David.
2.3 Jesus
2.3.1 The Christian do not believe that jesus is the Messiah
2.3.2 The Christian believe that Jesus is the son of the god
2.3.3 Born in about 6 B.C.E.
2.4 Gospels
2.4.1 an account of the life and teachings of Jesus
2.5 Herod
2.5.1 Died in 4 B.C.E.
2.5.2 Rebuilt the temple of Jerusalem
2.6 Emphasis
2.6.1 extra attention or importance placed on something
2.7 The Last Supper
2.7.1 Jesus's final meal with his disciples
2.8 Resurrection
2.8.1 Jesus’s rise from the dead
2.9 Convert
2.9.1 who changed their religious beliefs so they accept a diff erent or new religion
2.10 Missionary
2.10.1 who tries to convert others to believe in a particular religion or set of belief
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