Return of Lenin - April 1917

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Return of Lenin - April 1917
1 Political ideas
1.1 Marxist idea - history follow a pre-determined path leading to communism.
1.1.1 Russia still behind with 80% of pop. peasants.
1.1.2 Instead of industry workers leading a socialist revolution - party of professional revolutionaries (vanguard party) lead revolution. Caused split in Social Democrat party - Mensheviks and Bolsheviks.
1.1.3 Bolshevik leaders lived outside Russia = B. illegal in Russia.
2 Return to Russia
2.1 Saw Feb. Rev. as important part of road to socialism.
2.1.1 Supported creation of the PG and Petrograd soviet.
2.2 Lenin delivered 90 min. speech condemning PG and demanded immediate social revolution.
3 The April Theses
3.1 Had to win over Bolsheviks in Russia to his view of a social revolution.
3.1.1 Realised war was unpopular and exploited idea to gain popularity.
3.2 Main rallying cries : 'Peace, Land & Bread' and 'All power to the Soviets'.
3.2.1 Gain support and undermine PG.
3.2.2 Peace, Bread & Land Popular message in exhausted by war and food shortages. Highlighted PG support for the unpopular war and failure to address land and food problems.
3.2.3 All Power to the Soviets PG made entirely of landowners and middle class who were not looking in workers and peasants best interest.
4 Impact of Lenin's return
4.1 Had to win over his own party to his views.
4.1.1 Party's creator and main political thinker = enormous influence.
4.2 April 21st - Attempt to topple PG by mass demonstrations.
4.3 For the rest of 1917 - Lenin tried to increase popularity of the Bolsheviks and oust PG.
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