The Impact of War on Scottish Society

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Created by Rosie:) over 5 years ago
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The Impact of War on Scottish Society
1 Recruitment
1.1 Reasons
1.1.1 adventure/excitement
1.1.2 anti-German propaganda
1.1.3 patriotism
1.1.4 peer pressure
1.1.5 Pals Battalions Hearts of Midlothian Football Club McCrae's Battalion (16th Royal Scots) discouraged once impact on communities became clear
1.1.6 fear of unemployment/pressured by employers
1.1.7 over by Christmas
1.1.8 guilt (white feather)
1.1.9 protect family
1.1.10 martial tradition kilts distinguishable
1.2 British Expeditionary Force too small
1.2.1 approx. 100,000 men
1.2.2 Kitchener asked for volunteers 19 - 35 by the end of Aug. 1914 20,000 men from Glasgow alone
2 Conscription
2.1 Jan 1916
2.1.1 single men 18 - 41
2.1.2 exemptions essential wartime employment medically unfit religious ministers conscientious objectors married men extended to them in may 1916
2.2 in 1918 age raised to 51
2.3 volunteers not enough to keep up with casualties
3 Conscientious Objectors
3.1 Alternatives
3.1.1 non - combatant roles stretcher bearer etc.
3.2 Absolutists
3.2.1 refused to fight at all anger over wasted labour in jail military camps Dyce, near Aberdeen 250 men appalling conditions hard labour in a granite quarry, poor living conditions one man died from pneumonia
3.3 Reasons
3.3.1 pacifists
3.3.2 political Germany was not their enemy
3.3.3 religous Quakers, Jehovah Witnesses etc.
3.4 The No - Conscription Fellowship
3.4.1 believed that it was a violation of civil liberties
3.5 military tribunals
4 Women
4.1 Dr Elsie Inglis set up field hospitals
4.2 International Congress of Women in Hague
4.2.1 Chrystal Macmillan marked the foundation of the Women's International League for Peace & Freedom - still exists today
4.3 Munitions Factory in Gretna
4.3.1 9000 women worked there
4.4 worked as long as 12 hour shifts in some factories in Glasgow
4.5 Rent Strikes
4.5.1 refused to pay increased rent
4.5.2 government intervened rate fixed at 1914 rate unless properties were improved
5.1 no photos of military bases
5.1.1 spying
5.2 beer watered down
5.2.1 pub hours regulated needed everyone to help war effort no drunks
5.3 church bells don't ring
5.3.1 no fireworks could be signalling
5.4 not allowed to give bread to horses or chickens
5.4.1 rationing
5.5 Gov. could take over any factory
5.5.1 war effort munitions etc.
5.6 censorship
5.6.1 moral & spies
5.7 no binoculars
5.7.1 spying
5.8 no trespassing on railway lines
5.8.1 essential for transporting stuff around Britian could try and sabotage
6 Remembrance & Commemoration
6.1 monuments everywhere
6.1.1 Hearts, Haymarket Edinburgh
6.2 memorial museum
6.2.1 Edinburgh Castle Scots wanted own memorial officially opened in 1928
6.3 minutes silence began in Nov. 1919
6.4 poetry - John Buchan et al
6.5 many returned injured, physically & mentally

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