Causes of The First World War

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Causes of The First World War
1 Nationalism
1.1 Austria- Hungary
1.1.1 Serbia Wanted to unite with Serbs in The Balkan regiontogetehr under its rule, epespecialy those in Austria. Austria therefore saw Serbian as a threat
1.1.2 Russia Russia supported the Serbs and did not want Austria to have influence in that region. If serbs broke away from Austira-Hungary it would also weaken Austria. They also wanted to protect outlet in to the Mediterranean
1.2.1 TURKEY struggles to hold Balkan teritories
2.1 Countries competed aigainst each other to have the most powerful and stronget empires
2.2 Britain's large empire gave her wealth, power, land and respect
2.2.1 But The US was catching up, mass production, inventions,etc.
2.3 A large empire would provide germany with a market for her industries as well as respect that the Kaiser wnated
3 Militarism
3.1 Connected to imperialism
3.2 It was thought that by being strong militarily, no one would dare attack another
3.2.1 Arms Race best equipment and weaponry competition size of army competition Germany had over 2 million by jan 1914
3.2.2 Naval Race Germany vs Britian Dreadnaughts Germany: 1914: 40 battleships and 57 crusisers Britain: 1914: 50 battleships and 64 crusiers
4 Alliances
4.1 As result of evrything, Europe split in two!
4.2 Triple Alliance
4.2.1 1882
4.2.2 Germany, Austria- Hungary (and Italy)
4.2.3 Formed to guard from a revenge attack from France for the 1870 war
4.3 Triple Entente
4.3.1 1907
4.3.2 Great Britain, France and Russia
4.3.3 Because all countries scared of Germany more than each other
4.4 "Chain of Friendship"
4.5 suspicion and fear
4.6 all countries would fall into war
4.7 Smaller countries became more aggresive
4.7.1 I'll get my big brother on you!
5 The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
5.1 28th June 1914
5.2 Archduke Ferdinand and Countess Sophie of Austria-Hungary
5.3 In Sarajevo
5.4 By Serbian Terrorist
5.5 Austria was angry and blamed Serbia
5.5.1 asked Germany to honour treaty Blank Cheque
5.5.2 Austria Presents Serbia with ulmatum. Serbia complied with almost all demands except one! Serbia said no to letting Austrian police Begiining of CHAIN OF EVENTS!
5.5.3 23rd July 1914

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