Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemias/Lymphomas ALLs

Dr. Ömer Topcu
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Pathology (Precursor B- and T-Cell Lymphoma) Mind Map on Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemias/Lymphomas ALLs, created by Dr. Ömer Topcu on 04/09/2014.

Dr. Ömer Topcu
Created by Dr. Ömer Topcu over 5 years ago
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Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemias/Lymphomas ALLs
1 Type
1.1 Precursor B (pre-B) ALL
1.1.1 Childhood Peaks age of 3 Bone marrow pre-B cell great
1.1.2 Acute "Leukemias"
1.2 Precursor T (pre-T) ALL
1.2.1 Adolescent males Age when thymus is maximal size
1.2.2 Thymic "Lymphomas"
2 Morphology
2.1 Marrow is Hypercellular
2.2 Macrophages ingesting apoptotic tumor cells
2.2.1 "Starry Sky" appearence
2.3 Similar morphology AML
2.3.1 Lymphoblasts are MPO Negative and PAS Positive
3 Immunophenotype
3.1 95% TdT Positive
3.2 pre-B ALL >> CD19
3.3 pre-T ALL >> CD1a
4 Molecular Pathogenesis
4.1 Hyperploidy (>50 chromosomes)
4.2 NOTCH1 >> 70%T-ALLs
4.3 PAX5 >> B-ALLs
5 Clinical Features
5.1 AML is clinically very similar
5.2 Accumulation of neoplastic "blasts" in bone marrow
5.2.1 Supresses normal hematopoiesis by physical crowding ...
5.3 Abrupt stormy onset
5.4 Depression of marrow function
5.5 Bone pain
5.6 CNS manifestations
6 Prognosis
6.1 with aggressive chemotherapy
6.1.1 95% of children with complete remission 75-85%are cured
6.1.2 only 35-40% of adults are cured
6.2 Causes of Bad Prognosis
6.2.1 age under 2 strong association with MLL gene translocations
6.2.2 presentation in adolescence
6.2.3 Presence of Philadelphia chromosome, t(9;22)

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