8 Henry VI: The Exclusion and Resentment of Richard, Duke of York

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8 Henry VI: The Exclusion and Resentment of Richard, Duke of York
1 As the king's closest living relative York expected to be 1 of the power brokers at court
1.1 The fact that he was excluded from the centre of power was a burning source of resentment for him
2 His exclusion was due to 3 factors:
2.1 The opposition of the king's chief advisers Suffolk + Somerset - who created + led a household or court faction that enabled them to monopolise royal patronage
2.1.1 They were not prepared to share power by admitting York into this 'charmed circle', nor were they prepared to tolerate his leadership
2.2 The Queen, Margaret, did not like + trust York due to his forcefulness, his blood-relationship with Henry + claim to the throne
2.2.1 Her suspicions deepened after he became heir-presumptive after Henry's uncle, the Duke of Gloucester's death
2.2.2 She succeeded in keeping him at arm's length from both Henry + the court
2.2.3 He was his own worst enemy - he was too arrogant, stubborn + demanding Instead of exercising patience + making friendships, he preferred confrontation + challenge He had little time + respect for these whom he considered inferior to him in title, intellect + military skill
3 Having serviced twice with some distinction as the king's military commander in France - he was mortified when he was removed + replaced by Somerset
3.1 Thus began a bitter feud with him, York suspected him of having 'kingly ambitions' on account of him being the grandson of John of Gaunt son of King Edward III
3.1.1 These suspicions intensified the longer Henry remained childless
3.2 His complaints to Henry + Suffolk that Somerset was ill-equipped to command English armies fell on deaf ears
4 Angry at being owed £38,000 by the Crown for his services in France, he pressed the king to settle at least part of the debt or employ him in some meaningful role
4.1 In an effort to silence + remove York from England he was given lieutenancy in Ireland - York reluctantly accepted, though his debts remained unpaid + only through financial assistance of his friends + sale of some of his properties that he was able to survive

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