How Plants use Glucose

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How Plants use Glucose
  1. 1. For Respiration
    1. Plants manufacture glucose int their leaves
      1. Use some of the glucose for respiration
        1. Release energy which it can covert the rest pf the gulcoseinto other useful substance
          1. To produce the substance, it needs to gather a few mineral from the soil
        2. 2. Making Cell Walls
          1. Glucose converted into cellulose for making strong cell walls
            1. Especially in a rapidly growing plant
          2. 3. Making Protein
            1. Glucose combined with nitrate ion ( from the soil) to made Amino acid
              1. Which are then made into proteins
              2. Diagram of a amino acid
              3. 4. Stored in Seeds
                1. Glucose is turned into lipids (fats and oils) for storing in seeds
                  1. Seed also contain starch
                2. 5. Stored as Starch
                  1. Glucose is turned into starch and store in the roots, stems and leaves
                    1. Starch is insoluble
                      1. Which makes it much better for storing than glucose
                      2. Starch is insoluble, so it doesn't effect the water potential in the plant. Glucose does dissolve in water, which would effect the water potential.
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