Why did the Spanish Armada Fail?


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Why did the Spanish Armada Fail?
  1. Luck
    1. The Storm
      1. It sunk 52 Ships (The Armada's) IN TOTAL
        1. Did a lot of damage to the Armada's Ships
      2. Ship Design
        1. It was Big and Slow
          1. Planned to Capture the English Navy's Ship
            1. They (Armada) had many sized cannon balls
              1. Armada had 2 wheeled guns which was DIFFICULT TO AIM and SHOOT
              2. Mistakes
                1. They (ARMADA) put land Commander (Duke of Medina Sidonia) to command at sea
                  1. The commander had seasickness
                  2. Broke their strong cresent shape formation when they saw fireships
                    1. Made them go to the storm
                    2. The soldiers did'nt show up in calais
                      1. They used Green Wood Which made the food go mouldy since it (the wood) did not dry out
                        1. Made soldiers go into cannibalism or starve to death when they were in the storm
                      2. The English Tactics
                        1. They lit beacons to warn people there was an early invasion
                          1. Gave them time to Load fireships
                          2. Had an experinced Sea commander (Sir Francis Drake)
                            1. Had smaller but faster ships
                              1. Had one sized cannon balls
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