Hofling et al 1966

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Hofling et al 1966
1 Aim
1.1 To investigate aspects of the doctor nurse relationships, specifically what happens when a nurse is ordered to carry out a procedure that goes against their professional standards
2 Method
2.1 USA
2.2 12 graduate nurses and 21 student nurses asked to fill out questionnaire about what they'd do in a experimental situation
2.3 22 nurses targeted for FIELD experiment
2.4 While alone on the ward nurses recieved a phonecall from an unknown doctor. 1. The nurse is asked to give a overdose of a drug (placebo) to a patient. 2. Order is given over phone but hospital policy requires orders are given in person 3. The drug is unauthorised on the ward he/she was working on. 4. The order is given by an unfimilar voice
2.5 Fake pills - astrogen 5mg capsules. Dosage instructions clearly marked
2.6 'Doctor' read script
2.7 Conversations were recorded
3 Results
3.1 QUESTIONNAIRE-10/12 Graduate nurses and 21/21 student nurses said they would not have given the overdose
3.2 21/22 nurses complied and started to give the overdose (no resistance shows)
4.1 Nurses will knowingly break hospital rules when a doctor tells them to, even if it could endanger a patients life.

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