Bowlby's Theory

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Bowlby's Theory
1 Bowlby was influenced by Lorenz's work on imprinting of precocial birds
1.1 this is where an attachment is formed within a critical period ( 3 years) to aid the survival of the infant.
1.2 Bowlby saw it as an evolutionary device, where emotioanl bonds develop to help protect infants from predators
2 social releasers - allows species to interact with their caregiver, facilitating the attachment process e.g. crying to get attention
3 Monotrophic bonding - infants form one bond, bowlby says it is naturally the mother who the child shares their bond with.
4 internal working model - this early attachment sets a template for relationships and attachments later on in life such as adult realtionships
5 evalutation
5.1 Pros
5.1.1 stimulated more research in the area
5.1.2 lots of evidence to support aspects of this hypothesis
5.1.3 his ideas have been applied to a lot of practical uses such as child care
5.2 cons
5.2.1 the whole hypothesis is based on imprinting od birds and other precoial species
5.2.2 Shaffer and Emerson (1964) have proven that children can form multiple attachments, so monotrophic bonds are not correct
5.2.3 there is a lot of emphasis on the mothers bond, it is not taken into account the father will form a bond. this is very representative of the times this hypothesis were made as it was when women were first and foremost house wives and mothers

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