Causes of the Western rebellion, 1549

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Causes of the Western rebellion, 1549
1 Economic
1.1 Complaints about taxes on sheep and cloth were common
1.1.1 Sheep counting had started in May 1549
1.2 The initial list created by the commons (before it was changed by the clergy) mostly contained complaints about taxes and food prices
2 Religious
2.1 Most of the complaints were religiously motivated
2.1.1 The list demanded the reintroduction of Catholicism
2.1.2 Loach argues religion was the "main driving force" of the rebellion
2.2 The SW was very conservative anyway
2.3 The rebellion is sparked by the order to use the new Prayer Book on Whit Sunday
2.4 On 10th June at Stamford Courtenay, a local priest was forced to ignore the new Prayer Book and return to traditional mass by villagers
2.5 Government reaction was to burn the Vicar of St Thomas with all his "popish trash" around him
2.6 In 1548 the murder of the Archdeacon of Cornwall showed religious motivation
3 Personal clashes
3.1 Dislike of "new men" because locals favoured conservative Courtenay's
3.1.1 Eg the Courtenay's had been removed from government in 1538 and replaced by men like Sir Peter Carew
3.1.2 Desire for social justice
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