6 Main causes of WW1

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6 Main causes of WW1
1 Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
1.1 Gavrilo Princip
1.1.1 Black Hand gang
1.2 Austria declares war on Serbia
1.2.1 Backed up by Germany Invades Belgium Schlieffen Plan Britain backs up Belgium Treaty of London Belgium must remain a neutral country Declares war on France
1.2.2 Gives them an ultimatum Serbia claims they need more time Austria threatens to take over Serbia
1.2.3 Serbia is backed up by Russia Same race - Slavs
2 Alliances
2.1 2 Alliances
2.1.1 Triple Entente Russia Weakened by Japan 1907 France Made an agreement in 1904 - Entente Cordiale (Friendly agreement) Britain
2.1.2 Triple Alliance Germany Feared attack from Russia and France Encirclement Revenge attack Alsace-Lorraine, 1870 Austria-Hungary Italy Wanted an empire
3 The Schlieffen Plan
3.1 Have to fight FR + RU at the same time - army split in 2, not as strong
3.2 Element of surprise
3.2.1 Invade France through Belgium Britain helps Belgium Treaty of London
4 Bosnian Crisis
4.1 Serbia wanted Bosnia
4.1.1 3 million Serbs living there Russia supported Serbia Same race - Slavs Called a conference French did not want to be involved in a war with the Balkans Britain did not want a war with Germany, protested against Austria-Hungary Conference was in favour of Germany and Austria-Hungary Russia was humiliated Embarked on a massive military build-up Serbia felt bitterly hostile to Austria-Hungary Austro-German alliance became stronger
5 Moroccan Crises
5.1 Entente Cordiale
5.2 Anglo-French military conversations
5.3 Agadir Crisis
5.3.1 Gibraltar Britain's main trading route Britain thought Germany wanted a naval base, threatening Britain's navy
5.3.2 "The Panther" Gunboat sent by Germany Removed after deal with France Germany gets 2 strips of the French congo
5.4 France wanted to annex Morocco
5.4.1 Independence of Morocco was supported by Germany Conference - Algeciras Wanted to be seen as a major power Were defeated at the conference, Germany felt humiliated
6 Arms Race
6.1 Germany wanted an empire like Britains
6.2 Britain had the biggest navy and empire in the world
6.2.1 3 Power standard Navy has to be as big as the next 3 biggest navy's combined
6.3 Dreadnoughts produced in 1904
6.3.1 First made by Britiain Germany started to build up their arms too
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