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Leadership - Popular Conceptions An 'influence relationship' Large scale and small scale Leaders not necessarily heroes

Researcher's PerceptionsTraits - Post War 'Great Man'How they'd grown upWanted simple rules to teachChanges in Economies/Societies Not about control anymore Empowerment

Democratic and Autocratic LeadersBehavior, not traitsContinuum Exploitative Autocratic Benevolent Autocratic Consultative Democratic Fully Democratic means letting go of ego Ignoring own Ignorance Putting Team first Guiding Communication Creating Community

Leadership and ManagersBoth necessaryFunctions of Management Planning Organizing Staffing Directing Controlling Concerns of Leadership Vision Culture and Values Relationships Communicating/Coaching Changing

All Depends on...Situational Variables (contingency)F.Fiedler Task Orientated Leaders Relationship Orientated Both Necessary, not competing

Return of the 'Hero'Ideas of leadership too abstractRenewed interest in Charisma 'Transformational Leadership' Charisma Vision Action Individuals Most useful in change management

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