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Regents Flashcards

One of the big challenges you face when preparing for your Regents exams is the large volume of study notes you will amass. Time is valuable, particularly running up to exam time. Learning how to organize your revision notes is going to become important to you.

Thats why using Flashcards to summarise your study notes is such a good idea. Regents Flashcards give you a quick and easy way to digest an entire subject. Using Flashcards is proven to work by engaging active recall and enhancing retention using the theory of spaced repetition. Boost your Regents revision by adding online flashcards to your study plan.

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Benefits of Using Regents Flashcards

Flashcards are a helpful study tool that you can add to your study routine for each of your Regents subjects. Flashcards are a great way to prepare for your Regents exams. They act as memory boosters by triggering more detailed information in your brain about a subject.

There are 3 key ways Regents Flashcards can help you study better:

1. Improves your memory
2. Tests your Knowledge
3. Saves you Time

Don’t forget to check out how you can use LaTex symbols with ExamTime. These are ideal when studying for the Science and Math exams and are easily incorporated into the Flashcard tool.


1. Improved Memory

Its been proven by the theory of spaced repetition that Flashcards can improve long-term memory. This means that a student learns a topic and then revisits it at set intervals to test themselves.

Not only does this method enhance your retention of knowledge, but it ensures you remember what you studied at the start of the term when the exam finally arrives. Online Flashcards improve your ability to recall information you have learned in various subjects.

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Regents Flashcards
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2. Test Your Knowledge

Do you really know all there is to know about the Lymphatic System, or do you just think you know? The way to find this out is to regularly test yourself on material you have learned previously. Using Online Flashcards is an effective way to do this and will test to see if you truly remember and understand the information you covered weeks ago.

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Remember, practice makes perfect. Start creating your own Regents Flashcards today and test yourself by flicking through subject decks as often as you can.

3. Save Time

If you’ve tried to revise using flashcards before then you will know how quick it is to test yourself using them. Using Flashcards is a quick way to review a subject but unlike cramming (which we never recommend), it’s also a proven way to remember information effectively.

Flashcards are regularly used to help students learn a language too. The reason for this is because they build on your comprehension skills by integrating images alongside the meaning of words. They can also help you learn a large amount of new words quicker than you could have without using them.

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Ideas for Online Flashcards

Flashcards are one of the most versatile study aids you can add to your learning plan.

Presentations: Impress your teacher and classmates by using Regents Flashcards in a presentation or class discussion. Pack your Flashcards full of subject ideas, definitions and imagery to support a topic. This will make them a useful resource you can also share with your friends.

Visual Study Aids: Are you a visual learner?  Maybe you prefer to use images and colour when you revise? If so, then Regents Flashcards will really work for you. Try creating decks for each subject using different backgrounds, fonts and colours. After that try adding images where appropriate.


Revising with Regents Flashcards

There are lots of possibilities that Flashcards can open up that you probably haven’t even thought of when revising for your Regents Exams.

Quick Revision: As a Regents student, you will face many challenges throughout the year as you prepare for your Regents. Why not refresh your memory before a big test by using Flashcards to rapidly flick over your notes and jog your memory.

Collaboration: Flashcards aren’t just a quick way to revise, they can save you even more time by dividing the workload amongst you and your classmates. This is a great way to gain insight from others and build on a topic together. perhaps they spotted an angle or something you didn’t and vice versa?


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Even More Reasons to Use Flashcards

Review Topics: As we mentioned earlier, the theory of spaced repetition is effective when you regularly review your notes using Flashcards. Think of it as a way of rewarding yourself for doing well and make it a little more fun.

Improve Productivity: This quick-fire way of revising a subject means that you are using your time efficiently. This is important as you have a lot of areas to cover.

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Sample Flashcard Decks

In this section we have some sample Regents Flashcard Decks for you to interact with. They have been created by users just like you.

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Social Studies

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