Enviromental Impact on Exercise Metabolisum

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Question Answer
What are the physiological impacts of micro-gravity? Decreased weight and muscle mass, Orthostatic intolerance, Bone demineralisation (osteoporosis)
What are the metabolic consequences of microgravity? decreased energy intake, decreased protein synthesis
What recommendations would you give to if someone was going to experience microgravity? Ensure exercise is complete, supplement calcium, vit K and vit D and increase protein uptake.
What physiological responses do we have to heat stress? Increases cardiovascular strain, increased skin and core temp, increased fluid loss
What are the metabolic effects of heat stress? increased carbohydrate contribution to energy production. due to elevated adrenaline increasing CHO contribution to energy generation. Also increased muscle temp results in elevated glycogen contribution
Give some recommendations for someone going into a hot environment. Eat a high CHO diet, maximize heat loss and increase fluid intake.
Give some physiological responses to cold stress. Decreased body temp, increased heat retention (shivering, vasoconstriction), increased cardiac output, increased oxygen uptake, increased catachoamines
Give some metabolic responses to cold stress. Increases CHO contribution to energy production due slower FFA oxidation, Shivering elevating energy use by 430kcal and increasing BMR. Also see increased neuropeptide Y NPY and decreased leptin cause increased hunger.
Give the physiological effects of altitude. decreased cardiac output, increased heart rate, increased ventilation rate, weight loss.
Give the metabolic effects of altitude. Negative energy balance due to decreased energy intake at altitude.
Give some recommendations of someone going to altitude. CHO rich diet, which is palatable so your more like to eat it. Also try to become acclimation to your environment before undertaking high levels of physical activity.