Physical Activity and Lipoprotein Metabolisum

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Question Answer
What effect does exercise have on HDLS and LDLS? Decreased LDLs in the blood and increases HDLS which is an anti-atherogenic shift.
the higher your initial ____ the higher your risk of ____. Triglycerides, CHDs
When we have a very fatty meal our liver turns TAG (triacylglycerides) into free fatty acids. In terms of lipoproteins why is this bad for atherosclerosis. Having high FFA results in more VLDL being made. VLDLs transfer TAG to LDLs in place of cholesterol making LDLs become more dense and more atherogenic. Additionally HDLs are given TAG in place of cholesterol. The new high cholesterol HDLs are catabolized by the kidneys.
Give the enzyme which catalyzes the transfer of cholesterol from HDLs to VLDLs and the transfer of TAG from VLDL to HDLs cholesterol ester transfer protein (CETP)
How does exercise reduce the negative transfer of cholesterol from HDLs and LDLs to VLDLs? It knocks out CETP enzyme so the transfer of cholesterol cant happen.
When we eat a high fat meal, what is the state of elevated lipids in the blood called? Postprandial lipemia
How long does TAG remain elevated for in our blood after a meal? 4-6 hours
What groups are most likely to experience the greatest postprandial lipemia Male, Middle aged, Physically inactive, Overweight
Describe the study procedure when looking at fat clearance. Exercise or rest depending on group, normal evening meal, then fast until a high fat meal. Blood measured at hourly intervals and lipid profiles looked at.
How does exercise influence lipaemic response to a fatty meal? decreased
Why is lipid clearance higher post exercise? LPL activity increases, so TAG is moved into muscle cells in the form of FFA. Also cardiac output is redistributed so we have increased flow to skeletal muscles and liver (where TAG uptake is highest)
What effect does dieting have one lipoprotein profiles. Decrease dangerous LPL molecules but also decreased helpful HDL molecules.
What does LCAT do? Key enzyme involved in reverse cholesterol transport, basically converting free cholesterol into a cholesterol ester which can be placed into the core of a HDL molecule.