Welfare Facilities

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Welfare Facilities
1 Drinking Water
1.1 free from contamination and from public water supply
1.2 bottles acceptable as secondary source of supply
1.3 should be accessible by all employess
1.4 supply must consider temperature and activity
1.5 cups or fountain should be provided
2 Accommodation of Clothing
2.1 Specialist Clothing (Uniform, Overall, etc)
2.1.1 Changing Rooms must be provided big enough for numbers to use Be Readily Accessible Contain/Lead to Clothing Storage and Washing Facilities provide seating and means of hanging clothes ensure privacy of users separate facility for men and women
2.1.2 separate storage for clean and contaminated clothing allow wet clothing to be hung out to dry well ventilated
3 toilets and washing facility
3.1 sufficient numbers
3.2 where possible separate for men and women
3.2.1 failing that, rooms with lockable doors
3.3 clean facilities
3.3.1 tiled floor/wall - ease of cleaning
3.4 supply of toilet paper
3.5 well lit and ventilated
3.6 hot/cold running water
3.7 soap or other washing agents
3.8 basins large enough to was hands and forearms
3.9 means of drying hands - paper towels or hot air dryer
3.10 showers for dirty work
4 rest and eating facilities
4.1 suitable and sufficient - readily accessible rest facilities
4.2 provided with seats in places - PPE not required
4.3 enough seats with back rest/tables for no. of people
4.4 facilities to eat meals should be provided
4.5 facility for preparing or obtaining a hot drink
4.6 where hot food not obtained then microwave provided
4.7 facilites for pregnant and nursing mothers
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