The Fire Triangle

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The Fire Triangle
1 ignition sources
1.1 electricity
1.2 heating equipment
1.3 hot surfaces
1.4 smokers materials
1.5 naked flames
1.6 hot processes e.g. welding
1.7 lighting equipmwnt
1.8 arson
2 fuel sources
2.1 flamable liquids, solvents and chemicals
2.2 wood
2.3 paper and card
2.4 plastics, rubber and foam
2.5 flammable gases
2.6 furniture and textiles
2.7 waste materials
3 oxygen sources
3.1 main source is air around us from natural airflow (doors, windows, etc)
3.2 mehanical air conditioning
3.3 some chemicals (oxidising materials)
3.4 oxygen supplies from cylinder and piped systems
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