Fire Precautions

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Fire Precautions
1 flammable liquids
1.1 use containers suitable for purpose with clear labels
1.2 designated/marked storage areas
1.3 containers tightly closed
1.4 stored outside or in fire resisting store
1.5 good ventilation to prevent vapour build up
1.6 spillage protection e.g. bunding
1.7 limit sources of ignition
1.8 limit quantities used/amounts in use
1.9 control and limit flammable waste
1.10 safety containers with self-closing lids for small quantities
2 fire detection
2.1 people looking (in the simplest workplace)
2.2 interlinked domestic smoke alarms:
2.2.1 maybe suitable for small low risk workplaces
2.3 automatic fire detection:
2.3.1 smoke detectors linked to warning devices
2.4 commonly use ionising smoke detectors
3 fire warning
3.1 an audible means of sounding alarm
3.2 shouting, hand bell, air horn, etc. may be adequate for small low risk workplaces
3.3 electronic fire alarm system normally required, with manual call points on exit routes and adjacent to the final exit
3.4 must be clearly audible at all locations
3.5 normally linked to detection systems
3.6 alarms should be tested regularly, and result recorded
4 means of escape
4.1 should normally be an alternative means of escape
4.2 each escape route should be independent of any other and lead to place of safety
4.3 no. of exits sufficient for number of staff
4.4 routes wide enough for number of occupants and should be averrable for use and clear at all times
4.5 corridors should be at least 1m wide
4.6 stairways should be of sufficient width
4.7 corridors and stairways should be locked and should open outwards
4.8 disabled may need help to evacuate
4.9 should be sufficiently lit, and have emergency lighting where necessary
4.10 escape routes should be unobstructed
4.11 travel distances should be kept to a minimum
5 assembley points
5.1 unenclosed position in open air
5.2 safe distance from building
5.3 large enough for all evacutees
5.4 direct access from final exits
5.5 clearly marked/signposted
5.6 not in position to obstruct emergency services
5.7 away from passing traffic so as not to create a risk
6 information and training
6.1 fire action notices should be displayed throughout the workplace
6.2 should be brought to attention of all staff and visitors
6.3 training should cover:
6.3.1 how to raise alarm
6.3.2 escape routes
6.3.3 assisting visitors/public, etc
6.3.4 assisting disabled evacuees
6.3.5 using fire extinguishers
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