A2 Biology Unit 1- Module 1: Homeostasis and Communication

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A2 Biology Unit 1- Module 1: Homeostasis and Communication
1 Communication
1.1 A good communication system:
1.1.1 Covers entire body
1.1.2 Cells can communicate
1.1.3 Specific communication
1.1.4 Short and long term responses
1.1.5 Rapid communication
1.2 Controlling optimum conditions for survival
1.2.1 Temperature
1.2.2 pH
1.2.3 Aqueous environment for metabolic reactions
1.2.4 Free from toxins and inhibitors
1.3 Stimulus: A change in the environment that causes a response
1.4 Response: A change in behaviour or physiology as a result of a stimulus
2 Homeostasis
2.1 Definition
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