Human Resources Bethany Carpenter

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Human Resources Bethany Carpenter
1 Aims and objectives
1.1 Aims
1.1.1 An aim is something a business wants to achieve An example of an aim for a business would be too expand
1.2 Objectives
1.2.1 An objective is something a business needs to do to achieve the aim An example of an objective is to advertise the business to get more well known
2 Storage devices
2.1 Input devices
2.1.1 Keyboard
2.1.2 Joystick
2.1.3 Digital camera
2.1.4 Microphone
2.2 Output devices
2.2.1 Monitor
2.2.2 Printer
2.2.3 Speakers
2.2.4 Projectors
2.2.5 Lights
2.2.6 Buzzers
3 Data security
3.1 Data security is about keeping data safe. Many individuals, small businesses and major companies rely heavily on their computer systems
3.2 Data may get:
3.2.1 Lost or damaged during a system crash
3.2.2 Corrupted as a result of faulty disks, disk drives or power failures
3.2.3 Destroyed by natural disasters
3.2.4 Deleted or altered by employees
4 SMART objectives
4.1 S
4.1.1 Specific
4.2 M
4.2.1 Measurable
4.3 A
4.3.1 Achievable
4.4 R
4.4.1 Realistic
4.5 T
4.5.1 Timed
5 Stakeholders
5.1 A stakeholder is anyone with an interest in a business
5.1.1 Stakeholders are individuals, groups or organisations that are affected by the activity of a business
5.2 Owners
5.2.1 Who are interested in how much profit a business makes
5.3 Managers
5.3.1 Who are concerned about their salary
5.4 Workers
5.4.1 Who want to earn high wages and keep their jobs
5.5 Customers
5.5.1 Who want the business to produce quality products at reasonable prices
6 Input and output devices
6.1 Input
6.1.1 Keyboard
6.1.2 Mouse
6.1.3 Microphone
6.1.4 Scanner
6.1.5 Camera
6.2 Output
6.2.1 Printer
6.2.2 Speaker
6.2.3 Motors
6.2.4 Monitors
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