Department of health

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Department of health
1 NHS is the biggest branch for health care services
1.1 Primary Care-First Point of Contact
1.1.1 e.g. Dentists
1.1.2 e.g. A+E
1.1.3 e.g. General Practitioners
2 Local CCG-Clinical Commissioning Group
2.1 One nurse and one secondary care specialist and one GP from every GP surgery in the local area decide what services are needed in their local NHS and pass down the funding they recieve from NHS England to make sure the right services are delivered.
2.1.1 Secondary Care-Examples include most hospital specialist departments e.g. Neurology e.g. Cardiology e.g. Rheumatology e.g. Physiotherapy e.g. Radiography
3 Overlooks Monitoring and Regulation
3.1 Monitor-non departmental public body sponsored by the D.O.H. It is to make the health sector work better for patients
3.2 CQC Inspect both NHS trusts and private hospitals, GP practices and walk in centres, and rate their quality of care.
3.3 Health Watch England-Consults Public to make local decision making about treatment and care available. it identifies the problems and what can be changed if needed.
3.3.1 Data And Evidence NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence)-Provider of National Guidance and advice to improve care. it can be used by the NHS,employers, voluntary groups, and others who are involved in delivering care or promoting well-being. HSCIC-Health and Social care information centre-publishes statistics and information about health in England. it is responsible for Data and IT.
4 Quality Control
5 Bodies supporting the NHS Services
5.1 Voluntary
5.1.1 e.g. Marie Curie Cancer Care Provide end of life Care. Free of charge to terminally ill people in their own homes. they also have hospices.
5.1.2 e.g. AgeUK-help with both health and social care. Support older people with specific disabilities and issues they face.
5.1.3 e.g. Brook-confidential sexual health services for younger people
5.1.4 e.g. St.Ann's Hospice-Local organisation which care for people who have cancer or non cancer life threatenning conditions .
5.2 Private
5.2.1 Private Clinics. run by e.g. spcialist doctors, physotherapists, podiatrists and are funded by their patients and health insurance companies.
5.2.2 Private Hospitals-run by organisations like BUPA and Ramsay and are funded by their patients or health insurance companies.
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