5) How did you attract/address your audience?


AS MEDIA - Evaluation Question 5 By Rainbow Sweet
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5) How did you attract/address your audience?
  1. Gender
    1. Our gender is female.
      1. To address our female audience we have...
        1. used all female main characters
          1. Used costumes which would appeal to females (dresses, pretty eye make-up)
            1. revolved our story around two sisters
              1. have a male antagonist
                1. used delicate, peaceful music
                  1. the violence is mild
              2. Age
                1. Our audience is aged 15-24 years
                  1. To appeal to our age group we used actresses who were either 16 or 17 years old - a very neutral age in the audience age group
                    1. we used modern, electronic music to attract our young audience
                      1. we used modern and popular fashion for our costumes
                        1. there is a lot of action to keep the attention of the young audience
                      2. Nerds/Geeks
                        1. we have used Norse mythology to attract our audiences stereotype
                          1. nerds are typically social outcasts, we have a socially outcasted character (Luineth) whom they can relate to
                            1. our film is set in a make-belief enchanted forest which a normal protagonist finds herself in; this attracts our audience because they tend to watch fantasy movies for escapism and would like to think the same can happen to them
                              1. our film has a heavy storyline and high-potential for created a large merchandise, nerds are known for collecting lots of merch for films they love
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