T2 - The LofN - 30's

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Created by franimal almost 6 years ago
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T2 - The LofN - 30's
1 Economic depression
1.1 US reclaimed loans
1.2 Little money = little trade = even less money
1.3 Military policy
1.3.1 Japan, Germany, Italy
1.4 Britain and France prioritise themselves
2 Manchuria, 1931
2.1 Japan relied on trade with China
2.1.1 Wall Street Crash killed trade Japan couldn't feed people
2.2 'China' blew up railway
2.2.1 Army overran the area Claimed it was dealing with a 'local issue'
2.3 Army had control of policy
2.3.1 Government was ignored
2.4 Lof N delayed for 1 year
2.4.1 Japan was already lodged in
2.4.2 Japan condemned but LofN ignored No action taken
3 Disarmament
3.1 Germany walked out of conference
3.2 Wouldn't agree to practical measures
3.2.1 eg. banning chemical production
3.3 More money spent on arms
3.4 LofN ignored
4 Abyssinia, 1935
4.1 FR and GB wanted Italy as ally
4.1.1 They just talked
4.2 Imposed economic sanctions
4.2.1 Rubber, coal, arms, loans, imports, tin, metals
4.3 Didn't close the suez canal
4.4 Secret deal to 'give' 2/3
4.5 Hitler remilitarised Rhineland
4.5.1 FR terrified
5 Reasons for failure
5.1 Treaties were unfair
5.2 Too slow
5.3 USA and USSR not in LofN
5.4 Self-interest of GB, FR
5.5 Weak sanctions
5.6 No troops

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