Elements of the Novel- cadence Talbert 5th hour

Cadence Talbert
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Book project, Maze Runner

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Elements of the Novel- cadence Talbert 5th hour
1 Setting
1.1 Present
1.2 The land of Glade
2 Characters
2.1 Chuck
2.1.1 Corky
2.1.2 friendly
2.2 Thomas
2.2.1 Brave
2.2.2 Curious
2.3 alby
2.3.1 mysterious
2.3.2 Strict but a good leader
3 Theme
3.1 Many journeys and lessons occurred in the book maze Runner
3.1.1 The message is..you can do anything that you put your mind to... even adventures
4 Main conflict
4.1 The main conflict in this story is when Thomas tries to escape the maze
4.2 Sent to the land of glade by a secret company who is running everything at the maze
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