Cooking methods

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Cooking methods
  1. 2 main methods: dry heat and moist heat.
    1. Dry heat: direct or in-direct heat.
      1. Some foods may lose moisture with dry cooking.
        1. How to add moisture with dry cooking:
          1. Barding: wrapping items with strips of fat.
            1. Larding: Inserting long strips of fat into a lean meat item.
              1. Marinating: Soaking items in wet and dry items to provide moisture and flavor.
            2. Dry methods w/ out fat:
              1. Broiling, grilling, roasting, and baking.
                1. Dry methods w/t fat and oil:
                  1. Saueting, pan-frying, stir-frying, and deep-frying.
                  2. Sauteing: Cooking small amounts of food on high heat.
                    1. Deep-frying: food is battering and submerged in oil.
                      1. Stir-fry: asian, food w/t small amount of oil over high heat.
                        1. Pan-frying: Small amount of oil and less heat than stir-fry.
                          1. Moist methods: Boiling, simmering, poaching, blanching, steaming.
                            1. simmering: submerged in liquid on constant, moderate temperature.
                              1. Boiling: form large bubbles, 212 f, only few foods, saucepan
                              2. Blanching: type of boiling only partially cooks foods.
                                1. Steaming: steam applied to foods in confined areas.
                  3. Broiling: uses high heat from a source above food to cook rapidly. Browns on top.
                    1. Grilling: dry method cooked on a grill grate or rack above heat source.
                      1. Roasting & baking: in oven, heat surrounds food.
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