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Book project Shattered


Grace Girten 2nd hour Mrs. Schmidt
Grace Girten
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Grace Girten
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Book project Shattered
  1. Shattered by: Teri Terry
    1. Setting
      1. Europe/New London
        1. around 2054
        2. Characters
          1. Lucy/Rain/Kyla/Riley
            1. deticated
              1. Brave
              2. Aiden
                1. Smart
                  1. Caring
                  2. Ben
                    1. mysterious
                      1. Loving
                    2. Theme
                      1. Everything will fall into place you just have to wait.
                        1. In the book lot's of bad stuff happened to Kyla but in the end everything fell into place and it turned out ok.
                        2. Main Conflict
                          1. The problem is that Kyla is wanted by many people who want to kill her. Aiden who is the head of MIA is trying to expose a video showing how bad the Lorders are. They captured Ben and brought him back home, but he has lost most of his memories. The Lorders trained him to be a deadly killer. Kyla was reunited with her birth mother to find out that it's not her real mother. Her "grandmother" the Lorder CEO is teamed up with Nico who captured Kyla to be in the AGT, and now they both want to kill her.
                            1. The cause the Lorder's want to stay in power, but they are doing illigel stuff. The MIA is trying to stop them. Kyla is wanted dead.
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