cultural variations

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cultural variation = van ijendorrn and kroonenberg

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cultural variations
1 van ijendoorn and kroonenberg
1.1 procedure
1.1.1 32 studies of attachment
1.1.2 eight countries
1.1.3 aims intercultural differences? in different cultures and countries intracultural differnces in the same cultures and countries
1.2 findings
1.2.1 between cultures = small differences. except japan and israel
1.2.2 within culture = variation 1.5 times greater.
1.2.3 secure attachment= americas norm cultural similarities supports the view that attachment is an innate and biological process
1.3 cultural similarities
1.3.1 tronick et al african tribe EFE: extended family groups babies breastfed by several women sleep with bio mum at six months still have one primary attachment
1.4 cultural differences
1.4.1 grossman&grossman found that german children children = insecure culture = interpersonal distance between parents and children infants dont engage in proximity-seeking behaviors appear insecure but considered secure in the culture
1.4.2 takahashi rarely left alone opposite of g&g japan
2 evaluation
2.1 similarities may not be innately determined.
2.1.1 mass media? exposed to similar influences tv programmes books (on parenting?) migrants
2.1.2 increasingly global culture
2.2 nation rather than culture
2.2.1 subcultures
2.2.2 van ijendoorn&sagi tokyo urban tokyo = attachment like western studies (usa) rural tokyo = 'insecure-resistant'
2.3 cross-cultural research.
2.3.1 imposed etic designed in one culture and imposed upon another
2.3.2 japanese children may appear insecure by western criteria but secure by japanese standards the strange situation may lack validity
2.4 culture bias
2.4.1 rothbaum method AND theory issues rooted in american culture social and emotionally competent = exploration independance regulate emotion BUT japan = dependence vs independence. collectivist culture
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