Media Evaluation Question 2

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Media evaluation question

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Media Evaluation Question 2
  1. Stereotypes: Our opening involves the main stereotypes you see in everyday life for example the dad (Steve) is the breadwinner, like a typical father, however at the very start of the opening he doesn't The setting he is placed in is very dark and intimidating making him look like more than a dad. He looks like the villain due to the setting and the weather. However this changes when he enters the house and is shown with Maggie his wife. The real villain in the opening doesn't fit with the normal conventions of a villain in a horror film they are normally either a young or old male. We have decided to go for a middle aged mother. This will keep the audience more interested as they want to know who the villain is but don't actually realize who it will be so it will become a shock to the audience.
    1. Costume: We had presented our characters different personality through the clothing. The audience will be able to identity what they are doing. We also incorporated colours associated with the horror genre -Steve; We have dressed Steve in a very smart clothing. This portrays to the audience that he is a stereotypical dad who has a respectful job as he is dressed very formally. Also the dark clothing represents the horror genre. -Maggie; Maggie has been dressed in very relaxed clothing. This portrays her to the audience as a stereotypical mother who stays at home. She is also wearing a black top which signifies the horror genre. -Grace; In the opening we don't see what Grace is wearing however we see some of her top half and it is very plain and dark which again links to the horror genre. -Capman; This character is dressed head to toe in black, this portrays that this character is very mysterious and villain like. Also it connotates the colours of the horror genre.
      1. Age: Our film rating is a 18. This is because its mainly what the typical target audience is for horror films, also this was a suitable rating the content of our opening, Also because of this film rating it will only appeal to the target audience that can are allowed is the audience that can come and watch the film. We used the BBFC's website and grading guidelines for our film opening.
        1. Gender: In our opening sequence we have decided to have both genders in the opening. This is so it appeals to both genders. We wanted it to relate to others therefore we decided to have a stereotypical family set up which involves both of the genders. Also the main genders that are interested in the horror genre stereotypically tend to be males.
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