Canadian Identity

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Canadian Identity
1.1 Language
1.1.1 Aboriginal Languages Over 60 languages Algonquian is the most spoken language: 144,015 Oji-Cree (10,180) Innu/Montagnais (10,965) Ojibway (19,275) Cree (83,475)
1.1.2 Official Language billingual 5.8 million Canadians English Spoken at home: 66% French 7 million Canadians speak french most often at home.
1.1.3 Immigrant languages There are more than 200 languages spoken in Canada in 2011 In 2011, there has been an increase in the use of multiple languages at home 80% of the population speaks an immigrant language lives in the 6 largest metropolitan areas. Montreal Largest population of Arabic and Spanish speakers Ottawa 141,000 people Edmonton % of Spanish and Cantonese speakers Calgary The population mostly spoke Punjabi and Tagalog Vancouver 57% speaks Toronto 1. million people 6.6 million people spoke another language than english or french at home There is a 64% increase of Tagalog spoken in homes. This is the largest increase of immigrant language spoken at home in 2006 to 2011.
2 Culture
2.1 Clothing
2.1.1 Brands Roots Has more than 200 stores in Canada, U.S.A, Asia Hudson Bay HBC was founded in 1670 Canada Goose Jackets have been worn by actors and celebrites lululemon Athletic Apparel
2.1.2 Desingner Jeremy Laing Line was in New York Fashion Show Spring of 2006 Christie Smythe and Andrea Lenczner Clothing was worn in Rio 2016 Olympics Duy Nguyen Montreal Studio
2.1.3 Trends Over-sizd denim Choker Bomber Jackets
2.1.4 Diverse cultral Clothing Asia Korea Hanbok Japan Kimono China Hanfu European Silk-trimmed tunic Africa Kanga Colourful embroided garment
2.2 Well-Known Canadians
2.2.1 Athletes Hockey Wayne Gretzky Holds many hockey records Runner Donovan Bailey FIrst Canadian to run 100m in 10 secounds Speed Skating Cindy Klassen Holds world record for 1,500 m and the 3,000 m
2.2.2 Actors Jim Carrey Well known for highly energetic performances Mike Myers Canada's top comedians Keanu Reeves Staring role in Matrix
2.2.3 Artist Hazel Meyer Created: "no pressure, no diamonds" Shawn Mendes New-emerging artist. Stsarted in 2013 The Weekend
2.2.4 Indigenous People Elijah Harper Alanis Obomsain Harold Cardinal
2.3 Food
2.3.1 Junk foods Kinder Surprise Poutine Ketchup Chips
2.3.2 Traditional foods Maple Syrup Beaver Tails Butter Tarts
2.3.3 Well-known Restaurants Tim Hortons Swiss Chalet Humpty's
3 Political
3.1 Leaders
3.1.1 Prime minister Justin Trudeau 23rd prime minster
3.1.2 Premier Kathleen Wynne Ontario's Primer
3.1.3 Mayor John Tory Toronto's Mayor
3.2 Political Parties
3.2.1 Conservative Last Governed 2006-2015
3.2.2 Liberal Leader: Justin Trudeau
3.2.3 New Democratic Led by: Tom Mulcair
3.3 Political Spectrum
3.3.1 Left New Democratic Wants "economic equality" E.X. Help the unfortunate
3.3.2 Right Conservative Want to keep traditional values
3.3.3 Centre Liberals Open to new ideas
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