Reformation of the Church Tudors - Acts of 1534

Mia Beech
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Mia Beech
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AS level History (Tudors - Religious Conflict and the Church in England) Mind Map on Reformation of the Church Tudors - Acts of 1534, created by Mia Beech on 11/19/2016.

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Reformation of the Church Tudors - Acts of 1534
  1. Succession
    1. Elizabeth 1 and Anne Boleyn's children were to inherit the throne over Mary
    2. Supremacy
      1. Henry is now justly and rightly head of the church
      2. Submisson
        1. Church courts were no longer independent, Henry is the lawmaker in Britain not the pope.
        2. Tenths
          1. The king collected the fruits and tenths now not the pope
          2. Treason
            1. it was now treason to call the King or Queen a heretic or something rude (with Malice)
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