Flashcards for A-levels

Online Flashcards are powerful study aids which can help you improve your A-level revision in a number of ways.

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Flashcards for A-levels

Revising for A-levels is never easy.

Along with studying new subjects you have never approached before in some instances, you need to build a more comprehensive knowledge base of all A-level subjects you decide to take. If you feel like your friends are picking up Maths, Psychology, Chemistry or other subjects ahead of you, this doesn’t mean that you will fail your exams!

It’s only natural to panic at the thought of sitting your A-levels but there are a range of memory techniques which you can use to lighten your workload and stress on your brain. One of the biggest challenges you will face is learning an entirely new set of subjects such as languages. Flashcards are the ideal tool to help you learn languages online as they aid your memorisation of new information.

Boost your A-levels revision by integrating online flashcards into your study routine. Find out more about how you can easily get started using flashcards to learn below.

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Benefits of Using Online Flashcards

Students have been using Flashcards to revise for A-levels for a lifetime as they are a quick way to actively recall information. They are the ideal way to help you remember tons of new vocabulary, phrases, phonetics and even keep track of grammar rules.

Using Online Flashcards means you can benefit even further as you can add visuals, quickly type up your notes, access your deck from anywhere and share them to test your friends’ knowledge.

Online Flashcards can help you:

  • Memorise vocabulary, phrases and facts easily
  • Encourage you to actively recall what you are studying
  • Incorporate visuals to maximise learning
  • Constantly test yourself to challenge your brain

How to Use Flashcards for A-levels

Flashcards are one of the most easy to use and flexible study aids that you can integrate into your A-level study routine. There are so many ways that you can improve your study using A-level Flashcards that you probably haven’t thought of yet and that’s where we come in.

Below you can find some useful ways to get started studying with online flashcards. From creating fun and engaging presentations to testing your knowledge of a topic, use these tools to your advantage.

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Create Engaging Presentations

Surprise everyone at your next A-level presentation by shaking it up with flashcards packed with key ideas, images and even symbols and equations. Embedding online media like this can really make your presentation pop and keep your classmates engaged in the topic.

Your teacher may even reward you for taking the initiative which can earn you those extra marks you are itching for. After your presentation, you can send your flashcards to your classmates as it would be a useful revision resource for the exams.

Save Time by Revising Quicker

The amount of information you need to review for your A-levels has been ramped up since you sat your GCSE exams. If you’re looking for a study tool to help you revise quicker but effectively, Online Flashcards can help you overcome the challenge.

Once you have create your flashcard deck, it’s easy to flick through the cards and refresh your memory of a topic. They work really well as revision aids right before you are about to sit an exam.

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Be More Productive

As revising with Online Flashcards saves time, it’s only logical that you would be more productive as a result. This ‘surplus’ of time affords you the ability to get more revision done in the same space of time as you would have without using flashcards.

Studying with flashcards is a quick-fire way to learn so these tools are especially useful running up to your A-level exams. Optimise your study by making the best possible use of your time.

Improve Memory

Flashcards employ a powerful learning technique called spaced-repetition which aids active recall of information. Revising in this way means that after creating and learning theory, you review the information at regular intervals using flashcard s to test your knowledge.

They are such an easy to use tool that they make it so much easier for you to flick through a topic and review your notes. Make it a fun process by rewarding yourself when you’re are able to remember the information from the flashcards.

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Test Your Knowledge

Online Flashcards provide an easy way to check how much you really remember what you think you have learned. Practice makes perfect to keep using your flashcards for self-testing and reap the benefits.

You can even test yourself on the go by accessing your flashcards on your tablet or phone and see how much you can recall. This is definitely a memory booster right before an exam!

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