Quizzes for A-levels

Try testing yourself with online quizzes before your A-levels to see how much material you know.

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Quizzes for A-levels

If you’re sitting you’re A-levels this year, you may already have created a Revision Timetable to optimise your study time, but are you getting the most out of the time you spend revising? If you feel like you’re spending hours trying to study your notes to prepare for your A-levels, more than likely the study method you are using is just not working for you.

Have you ever felt like the information you are revising just isn’t going into your head? Most students who have completed their A-levels will tell you that the best way to memorise new information is to practice questions using A-level past papers. Answering A-level quiz questions using Online Quizzes can help you test your knowledge and ensure that you’re 100% prepared for your exams.


Benefits of Using Online Quizzes

Answering as many A-level past papers as possible will help you understand the layout and flow of the exam so that when the day of your exam comes, you will be able to focus on providing the best answers possible. At GoConqr, we have created a way to help you revise for your A-levels online using quiz questions.

Online Quizzes can help you:

  • Practice different exam questions, types and styles
  • Quickly test your understanding of a topic
  • Be more confident that you know your study notes
  • Refresh your revision right before you’re A-level exams

How to Use Quizzes for A-levels

Practicing past exam papers is the number one way students prepare for their A-level exams. Using online quizzes is a quick and easy way to test your knowledge accurately for every subject. If we had to give you the formula to exam success, it would include hard-work, a good sprinkling of practice and a dash of technology!

In this section we will highlight the great things you can do with online quizzes to make your A-levels success more achievable.

GCSE Geometry and Measures
Quizzes for A-levels

Test Your A-level Revision

Even if you have learned a topic in class and revised it at home, it doesn’t mean you know and understand the information in its entirety. Online Quizzes are the ultimate way to test your knowledge as the results never lie.

Whether you’re creating your own quizzes or trying one someone else has published, it all contributes to your learning process in a positive manner.

Practice Different Types of Questions

Using different quiz styles means that you are testing yourself in a dynamic way and boosts knowledge retention. You can ask questions in three different ways using ExamTime’s Online Quiz Tool:

  • True/False: Answer is either correct or incorrect
  • Multiple Choice: One possible correct answer
  • Checkboxes: Multiple correct answers

You can also inserts symbols and equations into your quiz if you’re revising maths, physics, chemistry or other related subjects. Mix up your quiz questions to master your study!

GCSE Quizzes
GCSE Algebra

Create Exam-like Conditions

Online Quizzes offer an easy way to practice past exam papers by simulating what it will be like on the day of your A-level exams. Use GoConqr quiz timer to challenge yourself to be efficient when answering questions.

If you’re nervous about your upcoming A-levels, create quiz questions with a timer so you can experience exam-like conditions before they roll around.

Be Confident in Your Knowledge

If you have tried lots of past papers and tested yourself using quizzes, you can be comfortable knowing that you are ready to sit your exams. A-levels are probably the most stressful exams you will study for so it’s only realistic to feel overwhelmed.

Don’t expect that using quizzes will dissolve those murmurs or stress completely! Small doses of stress motivates you to keep going and reach for the sky.

GCSE Quizzes
Quizzes for A-levels

Challenge Your Friends

Studying for your A-levels doesn’t have to be all hard work! Introduce some fun into your study routine by sharing your online quizzes with your classmates to challenge their brains.

Make your quizzes as tough as you can to show them what you know. This will mean that you will be revising those difficult topics while building your quiz so you benefit too.

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