A-levels Revision Timetable

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A-levels Revision Timetable

At this stage of your education, you should already have realised that the first step to effective learning is creating a balanced study plan. Ask any A-levels teacher what their number one piece of advice they would give to students facing exams and they will tell you that a Revision Timetable is your key to exam success.

Once you start planning your revision, the multitude of learning benefits you reap as a result will encourage you to turn your back on cramming the days before your next exam. The majority of students who have adopted this technique as a staple part of their study routine have reported higher levels of motivation to study, improved productivity and less stress as they are confident they have worked hard.

Figuring out how to bypass the obstacles that can be thrown at you as a sixth form student will come with ease once your revision timetable can calm your nerves. Find out why you should be using one for your revision below.

A-levels Revision Timetable
GCSE Revision Timetable

Setting Study Goals for A-levels

Developing a set of study goals is essential for you to direct your focus prior to delving into building your revision plan. You may need to dedicate some time to understanding what you really want to achieve in sixth form so you don’t set yourself unrealistic study goals, causing you to feel frustrated.

Setting study goals will help you:

  • Motivate your to study harder
  • Boost your confidence when revising
  • Guide you to create the ideal study plan

Your study goals need to be SMART; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely to be effective. Let you goals guide how you study and the decision you make throughout your A-levels education.

Benefits of Using an Online Revision Timetable

Studying without a clear revision plan in place means that you would be facing your exams blindly, without any foresight. Building this simple plan can make such a huge difference to the way you learn in a positive way, the benefits cannot be overstated for A-level students.

Creating a revision timetable can help you:

  • Add structure to your revision and waste less time procrastinating
  • Achieve a healthy balance between study and your social life
  • Track your tasks and understand your learning progress over time
  • Reduce exam stress by tackling each subject one manageable bit at a time
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How to Use a Revision Timetable for A-levels

If you’ve already made the decision to create a personal study plan, you’ve made the first step to reducing exam stress. It’s important to work your social life and activities outside of studying into your revision timetable as this will also contribute greatly towards combating the build-up of exam stress.

Below we have listed some of the top ways that using this study method for your A-levels will be beneficial for you. From boosting your study motivation to managing your time more effectively, use this invaluable tool to your advantage.

Boost Study Motivation

Students are always in search of that secret recipe that will make them feel excited about studying. The ultimate reason why students create a revision plan is to feed their motivation to study that may be missing from their learning routine.

A revision timetable enables you to focus on one piece of the puzzle at a time by breaking down your subjects into smaller topics. That sense of accomplishment is a powerful motivation booster so make sure you celebrate the small achievements along the way.

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Reduces Exam Stress

The A-levels are important exams which contribute heavily towards your future careers so it’s understandable if you feel overwhelmed. Thinking about the bigger picture can induce exam stress but this won’t help you get the grades you are determine to achieve.

Taking your revision one step at a time by completing each task you have assigned at a time will help you feel more confident about your exams. Setting realistic study goals from the outset will reinforce your ability to manage your stress.

Manage Study Time Effectively

In your mind you may be revising each day but are you optimising your time to get the most from your study? The time you have to prepare for A-levels is limited so you need to make every study session count and building a study plan will help you work towards this.

Using GoConqr’s Online Revision Timetable maker will allow you to visualise the breakdown of your time allocation for each subject. Dedicate more time to subjects you find more difficult to ensure they are thoroughly covered.

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Achieve a Healthy Balance

Creating an A-levels Revision Timetable will also help you manage exam stress by incorporating your personal life into your study plan. Just because you have exams coming up doesn’t mean you have to avoid social activities that you enjoy completely, studying will wear you out entirely otherwise.

You can easily create events in your GoConqr online revision timetable for fun stuff that you want to do. Simply click a time and add a note and time.

Improve Productivity

Once you have planned and organised your study time better, you are already being more productive. If you have planned to finish two topics in a study session, having this as a task in your timetable will encourage you to complete this action.

Once you are pushing yourself to focus on the tasks you need to complete during a revision session, you will be impressed how much you will achieve. Maybe you could spend more time doing the things you want to do?

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Access on-the-go

There will be time, no matter what, when your motivation to study will wane and you need a flash of inspiration to keep going. At those time, it’s easy to check your progress so far to boost your confidence and help you feel like you can do it.

Luckily, your revision timetable is portable as you can access it at any time on your phone by logging into GoConqr. That is if you were smart enough to create one on GoConqr!

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