Notes for A-levels

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Notes for A-levels

Are you struggling to keep your study notes organised?

If you’re a sixth form student facing your A-levels in a few short months, you may be juggling a number of subjects and all the study notes which accompany these. When choosing your A-level subjects, you may have considered what you enjoy, where your strengths lie, advice from teachers, friends and your parents and of course the university you want to attend will always be at the forefront of your mind. One thing you may not have thought about before choosing your subjects however is how to structure and organise you’re A-level revision.

Are you struggling to keep control over the amount of study material you need to keep? If you’re part of this year’s group of A-level students, you will have grown up with technology all around you which many of you are already using to your advantage for your studies. One way of using technology to revise better for your A-levels is by using Online Notes.

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Benefits of Using Online Notes

Useful, informative and explorative study notes are key to productive A-level revision. If you want to be one of the students jumping for joy on A-level results day, finding a way to build a reliable set of study notes for A-Levels to suit your needs is paramount. At GoConqr, we have created an easy-to-use interface where you can create and store your study material and gain from using Online Notes.

Online Notes can help A-level Students:

  • Organise your A-level subjects
  • Get the most out of any learning style
  • Collaborate with other sixth form students
  • Access your study notes anywhere at any time

How to Use Online Notes for A-levels

As sixth form students, you have enough on your hands with the higher level of coursework and workload without wasting time trying to find a way to organise your A-level subjects. Make the transition to university easier on yourself and get ahead by adopting a new way of learning using education technology tools such as Online Notes for A-Levels.

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Dynamic Content

There’s something you can’t do with your paper study notes which is really simple with online notes. Adding images, videos, presentations and other multimedia is a click away with GoConqr’s Notes Tool and can make revising a much more engaging process.

Including visuals in your notes for A-Levels makes them more interesting and makes it easier to memorise information. Written notes sound really boring now…

Better Organisation

As your study notes are all stored in one, easily accessible place, you will always have them to hand when you need them. You won’t need to carry around folders full of notes for A-levels between classes – your phone can be your passport to learning on the go.

Organising your notes can take time which you want to dedicate to actual learning. Hosting your A-level notes online with GoConqr means your notes can be categorised by subject and even by topic within your subjects folder. It couldn’t be easier!

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Boost Your Learning Process

Notes are invaluable to your study routine as they fit into any stage of the learning process. Whether you’ve just started learning a topic or you are reviewing what have studied previously, they can mould to fit your needs.

You can use GoConqr’s Notes to monitor your learning progress over time with the assessment features. This boosts the effectiveness of using notes as a study aid.

21st Century Notes

Ditch the pen and paper your holding and start using technology to your advantage. It’s time to get to know the various ways that tools such as GoConqr can help your revise for your A-levels better.

Our platform offers you a better way to communicate, share and revise than using intuitive 21st century technology. See what you’re missing here:

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Summarise Study Notes

There are two main ways you can use online study notes – to summarise large volumes of material and to build comprehensive, in-depth pieces of content. Providing short summary notes are ideal for reviewing theory as you can recall information that is based in more extensive note.

Summarising is a popular study method as it means you can breakdown a topic with a quick summary of themes, ideas and concepts you need to know for our exam.

Comprehensive Notes

Your notes don’t need to be huge but if you decide to build a comprehensive note on a topic, it would be beneficial to include as much information as you know in that area.

A great thing about online notes is that you can revisit them and add more content in whenever you feel like it. If you’re revising a connected topic, this is an opportunity to add value to your note.

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