AQA GCSE Biology B1.1.1 Diet and Exercise

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What does a healthy diet consist of? The right balance of the different foods you need and the right amount of energy.
What are Carbohydrates, fats and proteins used for in the body? To release energy and to build cells
What foods contain carbohydrates? Pasta, Potatoes, Bread and Sugar
Why are Mineral ions and vitamins needed in the body? For healthy functioning of the body
Where are proteins found? In meat, fish, eggs, nuts and lentils
What is the function of proteins? To build new tissue and for growing and repairing damaged tissue
Where are fats found? Butter, lard and oils
What is the function of fats? Provides stored energy
Why is water needed in the body? As all chemical reactions in the body takes place in a watery environment
Where is fiber found? Found in fruit and vegetables
What is the function of fiber? Gives bulk to faeces to allow body to remove quickly and efficiently
How does a person loose mass? When the energy content of the food taken in is less than the amount of energy expended by the body
What does exercise increase? The amount of energy expended by the body
What is the metabolic rate? The rate at which all the chemical reactions in the cells of the body are carried out
What affects the metabolic rate? -The amount of activity you do -The proportion of muscle to fat in your body. -Inherited factors.
What is cholesterol? A type of fat required to make cell membrane
What does too much cholesterol lead to? Blocked arteries which can lead to a heart attack
What is type two diabetes? A disease which is linked to being overweight and means you cannot control blood sugar levels.
What is blood sugar levels not being controlled linked to? Insulin not working with the cells in the body to take sugar out of the blood.
What is a factor that can affect health? Inherited factors
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