rational recreation 1850-1890

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dissemination of sport Former public school boys disseminated sport into the wider community through civil service, churches, clubs & teams, armed forces, YMCA etc. They were given facilities and grounds by authorities which reduced working hours and provided a specific time for sport. Old boys became teachers/masters in preparatory schools
Britain in 1850-1890 -society developing at the same time as public school sports - industrial revolution
effects of this change in britain -change in work & living(rural-town/city) -development of machinery + increased production of goods -working class worked for long hours -urbanisation/cramped terraced housing -leisure time changed -determined by hours at factory -6 days a week 12hrs a day
three tiered society UPPER CLASS- had former public school games MIDDLE CLASS-came from people who made money out of industrialization E.g factory owners LOWER/WORKING CLASS- little time for leisure
rational recreation Former school boys created sports to fill there leisure time and did recreational activities like waking. Factory owners and churches provided facilities and even teams. Between 1850-1890 most of today's sport were created and formalised
other reasons for sports rapid development -Railways developed: cheaper and easier travel enabling spectators to get to fixtures -Communications improved: telegraph permitted rapid spread of info e.g. results - Media developed:More people could read and the media helped spread publicity about fixtures and events
upper and middle class not wanting to participate alongside or against working class Social- did not want to mix with lower class than themselves Practical- lower class men were fitter (harder work) so upper and middle class did not want to be seen as less successful OUTCOME- only gentlemen amateurs allowed to play
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