Cabinet Mission April 1946

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Created by jacksearle over 6 years ago
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Cabinet Mission April 1946
1 Stated Aim
1.1 To listen to Indian's ideas on how they could set up an independent state
1.1.1 Set up provisions for independence
2 Actual Aim
2.1 Confidential Brief
2.1.1 Create positive desire for a speedy transfer of power
3 Key Members
3.1 Actual Leader
3.1.1 Stafford Cripps President of Board of Trade trying to make up for failure of 1942 mission - over eager Held secret meetings Made his love of Gandhi public Shows he's biased towards Congress
3.2 Stated Leader
3.2.1 Pethick-Lawrence SoSI - should be basically in charge Aging genial socialist Wanted independence so much that he just agreed to every demand No Bargaining power Pathetic Lawrence - Promises too much
3.3 3rd Key Member
3.3.1 AV Alexander First Lord of The admiralty Very traditional Labour Politican Would expect right wing tory views as he's a military man
4 Gandhi's view
4.1 Wanted power to be transferred to Congress
4.1.1 As they won the elections so have the right to make decisions about India
5 Jinnah View
5.1 Knew he would never get Pakistan if Congress put in charge
5.2 Also knew British needed Muslim cooperation to avoid disorder
5.3 Jinnah avoided confrontation and just wanted for British to make their decision
5.4 Wants to keep British in Power, not Congress
6 Two Important Minorities ignored by Cabinet Mission
6.1 Princely States
6.1.1 Princes have treaties to say that British cannot force them to become part of new independent state
6.1.2 Don't want British to leave - will lose power
6.2 Sikhs
6.2.1 Geographically, gonna be on borders on Muslim States Also would like own independent state

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