The Salt March 1930

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Created by jacksearle over 6 years ago
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The Salt March 1930
1 Aims
1.1 To publicise a boycott of the salt tax
1.1.1 A British tax which limited the Indian people's access to a basic ingredient that was necessary to consume in a hot climate like India's
1.2 "To convert the British people through non-violence and thus make them see the wrong they have done to India
1.2.1 Stated in a letter from Gandhi to the viceroy
2 Gandhi's chosen Followers
2.1 Walked 400km from his Ashram to Dandi beach with 78 carefully chosen satyagrahis
2.1.1 Every day, as well as walking 20 km, were expected to spin khadi, engage in group prayer, keep a diary and project peacefulness If they encountered any resistance they would submit according to ahimsa
3 Before the event
3.1 Held a gathering which attracted 75000 Indians
3.2 On day before start, 11 March 1930, Gandhi addresses 10000 at prayer meeting
3.3 Made it clear to the British that this was a serious stunt and would attract a lot of public support and media attention
4 How it challenged Authorities
4.1 March very similar to pilgrimage
4.1.1 followers encountered physical challenge of walking in heat
4.2 Theme was symbolic
4.2.1 Did not threaten India's economy and embraced all religions
4.3 Posed no threat to Empire
4.3.1 Whilst drawing the world's attention to British greed
4.4 Tested govt's approach
4.4.1 Whether to use violence against such a peaceful event
5 Key Events
5.1 Along the march route, many Indian officials resigned from their posts
5.2 A march was held in South India and protests held in Bombay and NWFP
5.3 Dharasana Salt Works
5.3.1 2000 demonstrators attacked with lathis 2 killed 320 injured
5.4 Gandhi reached Dandi beach on 6th April
5.4.1 Created lump of salt that he auctioned off for 1600 rupees statement to British, Indian's can sell as much salt as they want
6 British Reaction
6.1 First treated the march as a joke
6.1.1 Soon saw how powerful it turned out
6.2 British controlled police injured 320 people and killed 2 at dharasana
6.2.1 Just what Gandhi wanted, shame the opposition
6.3 After the march they arrested 20000 protestors
6.3.1 4th May Gandhi himself arrested under regulation made in 1827
7 Success
7.1 was a huge success for Gandhi
7.1.1 Gained national, cross-religious support attracted worldwide media attention
7.1.2 Made British use violence and arrest exposed how brutal and unfair the Raj were Saw himself getting arrested as PR success

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