Financial Markets

Vhia Rose
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Bachelor's degree Trading and Dealing (Intro) Mind Map on Financial Markets, created by Vhia Rose on 09/14/2013.

Vhia Rose
Created by Vhia Rose about 6 years ago
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Financial Markets
1 Commodity Markets
1.1 Commodities
1.1.1 Beef
1.1.2 Oil
1.1.3 Cotton
1.1.4 Wheat
1.1.5 Iron
1.1.6 Aluminium
1.1.7 Uranium
1.1.8 Gold Safe Haven Asset Post GFC demand increase (price increase) Bought by banks Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) for gold created Purchased when Inflation high and Interest rates low Less valuable when economy improves
2 Stock markets
2.1 Allows companies to raise capital
3 Money markets
3.1 Trading debt securities
3.1.1 Corporate bonds
3.1.2 Government bonds
3.1.3 Euromarkets
3.1.4 open market operations
4 Foreign exchange markets
4.1 Spot FX rates
4.2 FX market regimes
4.3 FX determinants
4.4 24 hour market
4.5 FX risk
5 Financial Institutions
5.1 Commercial Banks
5.2 Investment Banks
5.3 Fund managers
5.4 Retail investors
5.5 Insurance companies
5.6 Broking houses
5.7 Regulatory authorities
6 Derivatives
6.1 Value derived from underlying asset (spot market)
6.2 Make money from expectations of price movements
6.3 Used to hedge risks of underlying asset exposure