PWoR Singapore Population Problems

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PWoR Singapore Population Problems
  1. Implications
    1. Consequences/ Outcome
      1. Of White Paper
        1. Sinaporeans
          1. concerned about the government’s immigration and labour policies which are perceived to be overly liberal
            1. Widespread public anger
              1. Estimated 4000 people, Speakers’ Corner, Hong Lim Park, February 16, 2013 to criticise the overcrowding and overexertion of local infrastructure, Workers’ Party (WP) releasing a Blue Paper pointing out the limitations of the White Paper and proposing new suggestions.
            2. Of Problem
              1. Political
                1. Social
                  1. E
                    1. Economics
                      1. Reduce competitiveness and sustainability of the local workforce
                      2. Environment
                      3. R
                        1. Race
                          1. Religion
                          2. M
                            1. Morality
                              1. Mass Media
                              2. Globalisation
                                1. Technology
                              3. Solution
                                1. Government
                                  1. White Paper
                                    1. Ensure the continued competitiveness and sustainability of the local workforce
                                2. Stakeholders
                                  1. Singaporeans
                                    1. MNCs
                                      1. Foreigners who wish to live in Singapore
                                        1. Non-governmental Organiations
                                        2. Causes
                                          1. Evidence
                                            1. What
                                              1. Aging Population
                                                1. Declining Birth Rate
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